INTRODUCING: Private Family Pool Time

Dear members,

As beach clubs and pools close, we are excited to announce a fun, socially-distanced activity for the whole family!

INTRODUCING: Private Family Pool Time
With so many cancelled activities and sports, we are now giving members the option to reserve our indoor heated swimming pool. Included in ALL family memberships, you can now reserve the entire pool for your family, seven days a week, through our online booking system. Outside of lesson times and early morning Open Swim, the pool can be reserved for ONLY your family! Reserve the pool on a rainy day, a cold day, or get a weekly time slot that works for you and your family.
Club championships draws are live and matches are on! Keep an eye on the online draws that are updated as matches are completed.

Family clinics and squash lessons are available. If you would like to be matched up with a partner for squash, reach out to me anytime.

Athletic face shields and i-Mask face shields are for sale at our Pro Shop! Lightweight and breathable.

Furthermore, we now have Video Analysis available! Record your play session and we will analyze the footage and come up with improved strategy and training to optimize your game!

Swim Lessons:
Fall swim lessons are currently running! Sign up today email
Refer a Friend September!
If you refer a friend in September, they get one month free membership, waived initiation fee, and you get one free month as well!. Simply forward them this email by clicking here, and have them contact us.
Air quality and club cleanliness:
We have upgraded our air filtration systems by installing MERV 13 filters, as well as a HEPA air purifier. We have also installed a new extractor fan to pull out interior air and replace it with fresh air. Along with these we are running several fans to increase air flow and create as much of an “outside” environment inside.

We have also installed an Aerus Active Pure system to increase air quality. To learn more about all of the benefits that these systems offer click here.

As a reminder here are our current protocols:

  • All members entering the club are to sign and return this waiver form: Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus, also available at the front desk.
  • Face coverings are required for all individuals on the premises. Members can bring your own mask or face shields are available for purchase in the pro shop. (Face coverings and masks should not be worn inside the pool.)
  • Members are not to enter the club with a temperature of 100.4° or higher – we have a thermal thermometer and oximeter for your convenience at the front desk.
  • Open swim times now work on a reservation system at to ensure that we stay below capacity. A maximum of 6 members are allowed in the pool at a time  Parents of juniors are permitted in the club and on the pool deck as well.
  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your reservation starts.

Safety and Cleaning Protocols:

  • Touch-free facilities: We have installed hands-free sanitizing stations, as well as air dryers in all bathrooms.
  • All staff will have their temperature taken at the start of every day and will not enter the club with a temperature of 100.4° or higher.
  • All employees will be wearing a facial covering at all times.
  • Sanitizer: Sanitizing stations have been placed throughout the club, providing easy access on arrival in addition to before and after play. Disinfectant wipes are located throughout the club and players are welcome to wipe down any surfaces before and after use.
  • We have created a series of stringent cleaning and disinfection processes for all areas of our club throughout the course of each day.
  • We have set up clear signage around the club to help guide you.
  • Positive test: Communication protocols are in place should anyone in our community test positive for COVID-19. To help us with this we ask that that all players inform us as soon as possible by contacting if they have been to the club and tested positive.
  • Air Filtration: Our HVAC system operates around the clock to continuously refresh and clean the air within the club.
  • Capacity: We ensure that the building remains below 25% capacity and furniture is arranged to permit social distancing. Locker room usage is permitted with appropriate distancing.

We continuously reevaluate our procedures given the evolving situation and new government protocols. We will communicate with you regularly as we go through this re-entry journey together. I am available for you to share any feedback that you may have. Please contact me directly at

We look forward to welcoming you back!

Tertius and team